Online dating for dogs? A true story.

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<Martha Miller> via gmail    June 1      to me 

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for registering for OWC's workshop with Donald Maass. Bring plenty of note-taking materials and be prepared to learn how to craft emotional fiction.
We look forward to seeing you at the workshop. In the meantime, happy writing!

Martha Miller, 

OWC Workshop Coordinator

 <Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail      June 2    To Martha

Martha, and OWC - THANK YOU!

He is an all star coach - I have been looking for a workshop with him and I am SO very pleased he's coming to Portland. I am a new OWC member but have been writing for years.
THANKS again! 

Barb Ayers

Surf Dog Diaries,

<Martha Miller> via gmail     Attachment    June 3       To Me

Oh! So you're a dog lady!

Sofi Miller

Sofi Miller

Just visited your website. Loved it.
Wish I could meet you, but my 'mom' won't let me come to the Oregon Writer’s Colony workshop. I have to stay home and guard the house.

Sofi Miller

 <Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail   Attachment     June 5     To Martha

Dear Sofi:     

Doodle Ayers,

Doodle Ayers,

Hey there - just saw this email to my mom. Aren't you a cutie!!?
Want to chase a call together?

:) Doodle Ayers

<Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail     June 5    To Martha

Dear Sofi:

Ooops! I meant - I want to chase A BALL together!!
My toenails don't work so great on a laptop....


< Martha Miller > via gmail   June 5 (8 days ago)     To me

Well, my dear Doodle . . .

I'm not sure . . . if you can't even spell ball . . .
But let's give it a try.


<Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail     June 5  To Martha

What - are you the grammar police, darling Sophi?

A guy should get credit for being a gnarly dog athlete... on top of that, I can assure you, I write a dog blog - so I can form a sentence.
What I am not good at, is catching that spell check feature that changes words on you, without even asking.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


<Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail   June 5    to Martha

Oops, Sofi

That may have been the deal breaker... think I bungled your name..... it’s f, not ph.
I knew that.


<Martha Miller> via gmail Attachment   Jun 5   To me

Dear Doodle:

Dog house rules copy.png
I just wrote rules for my house.
Actually, I didn't really write them. I found them on Facebook. Here they are.
You might want to instigate them at your house. My boss isn't sure about them, but she usually goes along with whatever I decide is best for the house. 


 <Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail      June 7   To Martha

Hey Sofi!

I skipped right to #10. That's the most important one.


<Martha Miller> via gmail    June 7   To me

It's me Sofi - on my best side. I'm a Havanese (official dog of Havana, bred from Bichons.) &nbsp;Photo: Martha Miller

It's me Sofi - on my best side. I'm a Havanese (official dog of Havana, bred from Bichons.)  Photo: Martha Miller


I'm glad you noticed number 10. It's a critical rule.
I used to sleep in a crate, but convinced my mom that she needed me to stand guard during the night. My favorite spot now is on the pillow right next to her. When she snores, I move to the foot of the bed.


<Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail    June 9   To Martha

It's me, Doodle. With my sleepy face. &nbsp; Photo: Barb Ayers,

It's me, Doodle. With my sleepy face.   Photo: Barb Ayers,


No way! Your mom snores?!?
Thought that was our job....


<Martha Miller> via gmail    June 10    To me


Wish I were going to the hotel this morning, but I have to stay home and guard the house.


 <Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries> via gmail   Attachment   June 11   To Martha

 Dear Sofi:

O M G, mom came home, all jazzed up from the writer's workshop last night! It must have been intense. She left at 7 and got home at 7. My din din was late. Then, we immediately curled up for a nap. As usual, I took over snoring duty.
Hope to see you soon - at a dog park or another event in Portland. Why aren't writer events dog friendly?
Or - come on out here to the Gorge and I'll take you pup SUPing (stand up paddle boarding) into the sunset with me. Wouldn't that be a great first date................ 
If you're worried about your hair getting wet - I can just show off on the water and come back for a dog bone picnic with you on shore
Oooh la la!!!


<Martha Miller>via gmail    June 11    To me


OMG! My mom hasn't let me look at the computer until now. I am SO IMPRESSED. And she's going to tell all her friends about you, Doodle. You'll be famous. And rich, maybe? If you're rich, I might agree to a meeting. My grooming appointments are spendy, you know.


 <Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries>via gmail    June 12    To Martha

Dear Soph:

Well, now there is a catch. Just ask your mom. A writer's life -- it sounds good - but there's not a lot of dough in it. Which is where the phrase "Don't quit your day job" came from. Ask any artist!


I'd be happy to be your Sugar Daddy - if any sugar ever comes my way!
Or - if you send any sugar my way.....
I don't want to hurt your feelings- but this is my skeptical face in the picture.
My old BFF Elvis had spendy appointments, too. Not because he was vain or had long hair or was a foo foo dog like you. But basset hounds are stinky.
Just for the record, I'm not stinky.
And wow- the PH in your name is back! Very elegant!
xoxo GF – and PH!


Surf Dog Diaries -

<Martha Miller>via gmail   Forwarded message   Mon, Jun 12

To me: 


These are my son, Cory's admonitions to Sofi to be careful of online romances. I thought you might want to add them to your posts . . . just in case there are other sweet little pooches out there who might be taken in by such romancin'.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Martha Miller       

To: Friends and family   

Monday, June 12, 8:30 AM                              

Subject: Sofi in print

Sofi's recent romance with a dog named Doodles has gone online. I hope this link will take you to the site where their correspondence can be seen: surfdogdiaries/completely- random-online-dating-for-dogs- a-true-story/6/2017



From: <Cory Miller>

Date: Mon, Jun 12 at 9:20 AM

Subject: Re: Sofi in print

To: Martha Miller


Those are just the pictures that are being posted. "Doodles" could very well, in reality, be an unemployed middle-aged man making fur coats in his basement.


<Martha Miller> via gmail    June 12, 9:53 AM   Subject: Re: Sofi in print    To Cory

Uncle Cory

You made my 'mom' laugh out loud when she read this. I don't think it's very nice of her to make light of what could be a serious situation. I appreciate your wise words of advice. Middle-aged man, in his basement? Make fur coats.  How very declasse!


On Mon, Jun 12, at 11:55 AM,    Subject: Re: Sofi in print    <Cory Miller> wrote:


Tell Sofi to PLEASE BE CAREFUL! There are lots of stalkers and perverts that frequent these chat rooms.

Uncle Cory

From: <Martha Miller>    To: <Cory Miller>   Subject: Re: Sofi in print Monday, June 12, 11:04 AM                   

Uncle Cory

Thank you for your sage words of advice. I will certainly pay attention . . . but Doodles is SO CUTE!


<Barb Ayers, SurfDogDiaries>via gmail     June 12      To Martha

Dear Martha:

This has just been such fun- thank you so much for the completely random, stream of conscious writing this week - from you, your son and your dog daughter. It was nice meeting you at the OWC event and the others online!
PS - please assure your son, my son is NO PERVERT!!!! He is NOT middle aged and he is NOT a fur coat maker - he is a young, athletic, bright eyed fur coat wearer; a writer dog, ala pictures and posts on
And for the record, I am sure your daughter is no gold digger either. She looks and sounds like a real sweetheart.
Thanks again, from our dog-loving family to yours!

:) Barb Ayers

                                                                                          a.k.a. Doodle's mom

<Martha Miller>via gmail      June 13     To me

Doodles is a WRITER?

I had no idea. I think I'm in love.