Pick your passion. Here are a few of ours.....


GIVE BACK.  Get involved in your community. Volunteer, donate, run an event or fundraise for your favorite charity.

RESCUE SOMEONE! Whether it's a troubled dog, troubled youth or a bad day on the water, we all can begin again. Adopt a dog. Adopt a kid. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister. Dogs, you have a critical role in rescuing the human species from themselves. Lifeguards, firefighters, cops, disaster preparedness folks and teachers - thank you!

REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE:  Spay and neuter pets. Our shelters are full already. Recycle at home and work to reduce our landfills. Share the ride of life with a dog. Carpool.

WILDLIFE and WILD PLACES: Cherish, enjoy, protect and support them. They inspire us. At the same time, they keep our feet on the ground.

SIT, STAY. BE A GOOD HUMAN. A RESPONSIBLE PET PARENT.  Pick up after your pet. Observe leash laws. Help animal rescue organizations. Leave the beach / park / trail better than you found it.


Our pet projects and charities cross three states: