Elvis is nearly 100 in dog years. His back is killing him. We tried doggie acupuncture....

Doggie acupuncture?

You bet.

We love old-school

surf basset Elvis

with all our (dog and human) hearts.


We've tried everything to help him feel better.

Unfortunately acupuncture didn't help his arthritis, though it has helped others.

Pain meds and retirement from surfing, has helped. Helping him up the stairs, and using an orthopedic lift, helps. Babying him helps.

But there's no slowing down of Father Time. Clearly, he's not a basset hound.

Why is it that we have the 7:1 ratio of dog to human years? Do you think President Obama could help us change that?

Please send Elvis your best - he's had an awesome life. We rescued him and he rescued us.

Lately, we've had a hard time coping with our lead dog falling apart.

                                                                                Thanks, from our family to yours.