Surfing life's ups and downs together. Happy Valentine's Day from the dog.

The ride of life with a dog - on land, sea and sofas. It's more fun, together. Here are postcards from our own crazy ride - sent with love, from the dog bloggers at Surf Dog Diaries. Thanks for the moments and the memories... Happy Valentine's Day!
If you think surfing is just about water- you're missing the point. Sure, we Surf Dogs ride waves and water, but we also ride land, couches, trails and life journeys. Riding the ups and downs of life together - THIS is the ride. Waves of life test us, teach us, and bring us closer together.
This is the moment in my life when I left my first name "Little Dude" behind and became the Dude. I stepped up to the nose of the board when Elvis chickened out and I rode the San Diego waves and I went home with trophies at the Loews Surf Dog contest. Later, when I lost my eyes, I still kept surfing. No biggie. Close your eyes. Shift your focus. Feel the ride. 
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Make every day Valentine's Day! Doxie Doodle here, meeting a friend at WA State School for the Blind. Here, I'm wearing my Pirates of the Caribbean costume to blend in with my blind brother, Dude, who is a full blown Surf Pirate. Which is how we found the blind school and why we moved in next door. More about that later.
There's Dude now. With my other brother Elvis. Going blind didn't slow down his surfing one bit.
You never know who you'll meet when you paddle out in life. So here I am, SUPing (stand up paddleboarding) MIssion Bay in San Diego. We rolled into shore and I met my new BFF.                         Love comes in all sizes and species. Sometimes, when you least expect it.
Elvis here. There are no words for this moment. Feel it. With my camping buddy Motts. Deep basset hound thoughts.
And here we are, a moment later, on life's amazing trail, near Forlorn Lake, WA. Not the least bit forlorn.
Photo by Richard Hallman

Photo by Richard Hallman

Relay for Life - and we're strutting our stuff, to support cancer survivors, and families touched by cancer. Dude had a near death experience with cancer, and had stomach surgery... and is still going strong, three summers later. Never give up. Just keep rolling on. And always - always, take others along for the ride.