A moment of silence in honor of Liz. The (heartbroken) Rupert Report

Dear Dog Diary:

There is deep sadness in our pack tonight. Our pack leader Liz has passed away peacefully at our favorite vet's.

This is just a short note. There are waterfalls coming out of the FurParents' eyes, and we have grief companion work to do. It's bound to be a long couple of days.

Leader Liz trained me and packmate Sophie with firmness and great face-washing. When I was a pup and bugging her, she just put her paw on me and held my wriggly self down.

This was us, just a few days ago.  

This was us, just a few days ago.  

We will miss her so much - this is her photo at 12+ years of age, a smart and beautiful boxer.  RIP Liz.

With a heavy heart from our Annapolis home,