Nonprofit Hood River Adopt-A-Dog asks for help funding sweet Phoebe's surgery

One of our very favorite charities is Hood River Adopt-A-Dog.

This letter just in from one of their hard-working volunteers:

I am the Treasurer and do fundraising for Hood River Adopt A Dog as a member of the Board of Directors.  If you’re not familiar with Adopt A Dog, our non profit runs the no-kill dog shelter located in Hood River, OR.

In our ten year history we have placed over two thousand dogs into their ‘forever homes’.  Our many volunteers have cared for every dog, without hesitation.  No matter what their issues are, we are there for them until we find the perfect family.  We not only care for strays, but we take in ‘owner surrenders’ as well as taking transfers from regional rescue groups who are over capacity and need help. 

When a dog comes into our shelter, the first thing to do is a medical exam and most of the dogs that come our way need to be spay or neutered, given all their shots and microchipped.  We rescue dogs that have major medical issues and we fundraise to pay for these expenses.  That is why I am coming to you today to ask if you would consider going to our ‘crowd funding’ site and donate to help us pay for sweet Phoebe’s medical costs.   

Help us help Phoebe with TPLO Surgery (Learn more HERE) 

Phoebe's story

Looky that cute face! What a great smile. Whether you give or not, let's all cheer Phoebe on - and the great work of Hood River Adopt A Dog.

Looky that cute face! What a great smile. Whether you give or not, let's all cheer Phoebe on - and the great work of Hood River Adopt A Dog.

In February, Phoebe was found on Government Island in Cascade Locks, Oregon.  Phoebe was brought to Hood River Adopt A Dog badly limping and with much difficulty moving around.  We took her to the shelter's veterinarian to have her spay and while sedated for surgery, they did a thorough exam and x-rays.  The x-rays showed a torn cranial cruciate of the left knee which would require TPLO surgery.  Because of the expertise needed to do the surgery, Phoebe was taken into Portland to a specialist.

Once the veterinarian started surgery he found the meniscus very badly shredded and the cruciate ligament was gone.  He said Phoebe had been living with pain for a long time, even though she's only 2-3 years old. Her tibia also had a twist to it, which is why she looked bow-legged when she walked.  He was able to straighten it out a little. He did say there is a good chance her other knee will blow out, but that's likely a ways off. 

Phoebe is the sweetest girl you could ever meet.  She tolerated the surgery so well and just kept that tail wagging all the time.  She loved us loving on her.  As soon as she came back to the shelter, she went right into foster care and will remain there until she is adopted.  (We have people looking to make her a part of their family, but she needs to heal)

It’s so easy to go to and read about what this wonderful site does for all animals!  Even $10 from everyone would help us with the veterinary costs of Phoebe’s surgery.

I know all of you love and support animal rescue.  If you can help us, we will be most appreciative as will Phoebe!  Picture of the sweet girl is attached. 

- Judie Hanel, Board Member, Hood River Adopt-A-Dog, a 501(c)3