Grand dogs and grand dads. Happy Father's Day from us dogs.

Dear Grandpa:

It's Grandpa Grrrrrrrr time!!!!!

You understand without words, just what I need.

You get my priorities! First project upon visiting: create total mayhem.
no one has patience dad does ball chaser_edited-1.jpg
When it comes to play time - for an old guy, you can really last all day!
No one is as patient as you, grandpa.
And you get my 2nd priority after play time: toy box inventory.

You're a rad dad. You taught your girl to be a rad mom. Thank you.

Here you are, camping and riding at the desert. I love camping! I love riding!
You taught us the love of play time, love of nature, love of life.

You've had the same GF for 63 years. That's awesome.

Grandma is a lucky gal! Here you are, riding on the San Diego waterfront.

I try to give back, Grandpa.

Here, I'm helping you with a brake job.  On thanksgiving when I'd REALLY rather eat turkey instead.

I jump into a bag for you, Grandpa. 

Put up with all that horrid holiday travel for you.
Fly on an airplane with crappy food for you.
You're totally worth it.
Here I am counting down the moments 'til I will be in your lap.


I look up to you. We all do.

You taught us how to live - how to carry the joy of tradition on to future generations.
I wasn't born yet when you and Grandma Ayers got together; or when you celebrated 50 years - here that is, below.
Look how young my mom looks here (far left)! And my cousins Katie and Cort, on the right with Uncle Jerry! You and Grandma look exactly the same today.

I love you guys.

We all stand on the shoulders of those that came before.

Those are some big shoulders, grandpa.

Here we are walking during our San Diego vacation. Mom's on the left, you're on the right. I'm right in the soft and squishy middle. Like the Oreo cookie.


With love for you on this special day. And every day.
May we share many moments, memories, mayhem, walks and naps together...
In the days and years ahead.
With love from your grand dog, your dinky doxie BFF, your Pen Pal,


Surf Dog Diaries,